Amanda Crowley


I take a lot of pictures. I take most of them with my phone. I take others with a hand-me-down camera from my mom, who is an actual artist. I’ve had the absurd good fortune to be able to travel; I suspect a lot of people who take decent photographs are, like me, just folks who get to go interesting places.


I grew up spending a few weeks a year in the Coachella Valley with my family. I went to college in the Inland Empire and spent as many weekends as I could in the desert. I like the creatures that live there: their ingenuity, their toughness. The desert is full of surprises.


Mostly street art, and some other arts too. I live in Chicago, where there’s no shortage of great public art and graffiti. It’s one of the things I look for when I travel: places where you’re allowed — even encouraged — to write all over the walls.


Whatever affinity I have for the desert, I’m a Wisconsin girl at heart. I’ve lived in the Upper Midwest for most of my life, so I know there’s nothing better than a pontoon boat, a beer, and one of those impossibly long summer afternoons.

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